Chris with Cookie the studio mascot

Chris Archer

Chris has been heavily involved in the fitness industry for almost three decades, a personal trainer for over twenty years and Pilates Instructor since 2007. After many years spent training as a body builder and powerlifter, Chris’s Pilates journey began whilst working as a personal trainer in London. On his return to Australia he began his teacher training with a Peak Classical Pilates studio in Elsternwick and has never looked back.

Among his many Pilates achievements, Chris has worked as a pre-season conditioning coach for an AFL football squad, a conditioning coach for triathletes, personal teacher to an internationally acclaimed actress and helped many individuals improve overall body conditioning, overcome injury and improve various health related issues.

Away from Pilates and the fitness industry Chris enjoys competitive and challenging road cycling and mountain biking events, swimming, walking his dog Cookie (the studio mascot) and spending time with friends.