Sorelle Nolan

A late bloomer when it came to physical activity, Sorelle chose academia over sports in high school. Later whilst working in the corporate sector Sorelle needed something to cleanse the body and mind when at home and away so she started training in a gym.  The usual personal training and running followed then the occasional yoga and Pilates class were included in the routine.

After having her first baby Sorelle felt the need to repair her body and get back into exercise, as her back was in constant pain and general exercise wasn’t helping.  Several sessions of Pilates in the gym each week began to help and soon she couldn’t believe how it made her feel.  Feeling a need to truly experience Pilates in a studio Sorelle joined Classic Pilates.

It was here that she saw firsthand what Pilates does for the mind and body.  Becoming fitter, stronger, improving her posture, reducing pain, improving flexibility and I even giving her arches in her once flat feet, the whole body transformation was amazing.  Sorelle became a believer of the true Pilates methodology.

Sorelle realised she hadn’t felt this passionate about something for a long time and knew she had to share her experience, educate others and let them experience that same whole body transformation.  And so Sorelle’s teacher training journey began.

In 2016 Sorelle completed her Level 2 certification and in 2018 is continuing her studies in Pilates by attending courses and workshops in Authentic Pilates.  And of course passing on that knowledge through her teaching at Classic Wellness.